“A long, long time…”

January 29, 2022.
It’s been two years, two months, and 19 days since my last Elton John concert. Number 47.
The longest stretch of time in between concerts since my first one in 1992 – THIRTY years ago!

I’ve hesitated to post a “countdown” of any sort on social media or talk about my upcoming trip because I didn’t want to “jinx” anything. There is already so much uncertainty in the world these days and quite frankly, anything can happen to cancel the concert or postpone the tour again so I just waited. I’ve had these concert tickets for a “long long time…”.

In December I bought my flight. One step closer…
In the last few weeks, I’ve been able to get a seat closer to the stage. One step closer…

Earlier this week, I got out my silk shirts, my sparkly shirt/jacket, my piano socks, and my iridescent Dr. Marten’s shoes. All of which have been sitting in a closet or drawer for over two years. After all, these aren’t my everyday clothes. These are my concert clothes!
I dusted off my suitcase and began to gather my items. I made lists, of course!
I packed my bags. I self quarantined for a week. I doubled up on my vitamins.

I waited anxiously to be sure that the first concert of this tour in New Orleans actually happened – it DID! That concert and two in Houston are “in the books” as they say!
The reviews have been FANTASTIC! Elton looks fabulous and life is a little bit more normal!


2022 marks the 30th year that I’ve been pursuing my dream to meet Elton John, in person. Not just getting his autograph. Not just shaking his hand from the stage. Not having him point out my “Concert 46” poster from the stage. All were AWESOME experiences but NOT the dream.
The dream is to meet him.

And so my journey begins again in Dallas, TX with two concerts. Number 48 and 49.
The intent is to write about the journey, here on the blog because I’m quite certain I’ll have some stories to tell! I’ll also be posting on Instagram and Twitter @MThomas1410 so you can follow me there, too.

Dreams matter. Dream BIG. GO!