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Speeches Series

Jan 22, 2022 As a speaker, I share life lessons through storytelling. Today, I was back in my Toastmasters group doing that just that. (I’ve been a member since 2017) As I give speeches throughout the year, I’ll share them here under the title “Speeches Series”. I’ll also add the feedback I receive from the […]


Welcome to the Blog! The place where I share my life lessons through stories. First, a little backstory – an “origin story” if you will: Hello, my name is Melissa and my BIG dream is to meet Elton John. I’ve been pursuing this dream since my very first concert in 1992 – I was 19 […]

A Lesson in Perspective

January 25, 2022The morning started out like any other Tuesday – sort of. After all, it was CONCERT DAY and I woke up with a mix of excitement and anticipation. Having gone to sleep early the night before, I was also up early – about 6 am local time. As such, I was the first […]

Away I Go

Sunday and Monday, January 23 and 24th, 2022. SUNDAYI haven’t flown in over two years which is weird. And yet, it’s just like riding a bike arriving at the airport, and going through security. Not much has changed in those two years. I love uneventful flights. Also, I prefer direct flights as much as possible. […]

“A long, long time…”

January 29, 2022. It’s been two years, two months, and 19 days since my last Elton John concert. Number 47. The longest stretch of time in between concerts since my first one in 1992 – THIRTY years ago! I’ve hesitated to post a “countdown” of any sort on social media or talk about my upcoming […]