My Memoir

“Building My Yellow Brick Road:
Life Lessons from Pursuing a Dream”

Self-Published in 2017, Melissa has sold hundreds of copies of her book. Her story has motivated, inspired, and encouraged others to apply the life lessons to their own lives.

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Proceeds from book sales help fund concert trips! Thank you for being a part of this journey!

What others are saying…

By Marc Wagmeister
I bought this book directly from Melissa so she could sign it for me and so thrilled she did. Now I have read my share of self-help, motivational books through the years and none have been more useful and fun to read than this. Melissa combines her love for family, friends, business, making and keeping goals, and did I forget to mention Elton John? Yes, I said Elton John, if you’re a fan you can’t pass this read up… Melissa takes you on her journey of life and pursuit of her lifelong dream to meet Elton. Along the way you’ll get inside info into getting great concert seats as well as Melissa’s inspiring story to get debt free and meet the one and only “Rocket Man” ( you’ll just have to buy the book to find out why this term is relevant) Building My Yellow Brick Road is just one of those books that strikes a chord in each and every one of us… Bravo Melissa great read!

ByJessicaon August 29, 2017Verified PurchaseI read Melissa’s book today! As you can see, I’ve added several page flags to several pages that are important to me. This is a fantastic book about a fantastic journey. Melissa tells the story of not only her passion, but also how she achieved her goals based on her passion. She’s the biggest Elton John fan that I know, and since the age of nineteen, it’s been her life’s goal to meet him in person. To this end, she attends many of his concerts; and in order to not be held back from achieving her dream, she has also worked towards and became debt-free. There are so many lessons to be learned from Melissa’s life but one that left a strong impression with me was where she wrote, “Social pressures are not an easy thing to go against. Everyone has an opinion about where you fit in, what your life should look like, and who you are to be with . When we spend too much time listening to those voices, and not enough time listening to our own inner voice, we live a life in turmoil . That daily battle against who we truly want to be and who are trying to measure up is exhausting. It is only in coming to terms with who we want to be that we are really, truly ourselves and can begin to take the steps toward crossing that bridge to the life we want. It sounds drastic, I know, but to get what we want out of life, we must be willing to take huge risks.” Highly recommend!

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By Scott
The author shares real, earned, wisdom in an easy, and fun, book! Hearing about how her love of seeing Elton John in concert motivated her get out of debt so she can chase her dream spoke loudly to me. What is your dream? And what are you doing about it?? This book will help

ByPhil What a great book! I was fascinated by the strategy and steps taken by true fans of an artist to get to meet them and be close to them. Wonderful humor and determination, followed by life lessons we can all use no matter what our goals. The humble attitude of those Melissa has interacted with confirms my faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing your dream with us!

ByTinseltownTwinson I bought this book directly from the author and have to say that I absolutely love Melissa’s story. This is an inspiring read, well worth your time. It’s hard not to finish the book and not be motivated to look at your own budget, ready to crunch those numbers and pay off those credit cards in order to pursue your own dreams. Thank you, Melissa!