Melissa Thomas
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Do you need a speaker for your event? Are you looking for a podcast or interview guest?

Maybe, I’m the right fit.

You need to know that I will book my own travel, show up on time and be an inspirational and motivational speaker. If we decide to work together, I will do everything I can to ensure that you do not worry about my role in your event.

I will show up. I will be prepared. I will, most likely, stay for the entire event as well. I will interact with attendees. When you complete the contact form below, I personally will respond. I have experience in short speeches and keynote-length speeches and I LOVE doing audience Q&A.
If you are booking me as a podcast guest, I will promote the podcast through my website, email list, and social media.

You also need to know that while I can do a speech focused entirely on my faith journey, I incorporate aspects of my faith (Christian) in ALL of my speeches. As in, I DO reference God and other aspects of my faith. If this is something you or your audience would not be comfortable with, I am not a good fit for your event.

This is perhaps my favorite testimonial!

“Your speech was so good! I had to go to the restroom during it but I had to wait until you were finished.”   Conference attendee, Launch Out Conference

The theme of my speeches follow this structure:    Inspiration + Motivation = Action
I focus on speaking about faith lessons, life lessons, and money lessons.
My goal is to share a story from my own life that will engage the audience, inspire them to take the lessons I’ve learned, and apply them to their own life.

Please contact me to discuss speaker rates and schedules. I look forward to hearing from you and to the opportunity to share my story.

“Melissa has a great story of achievement, of pursuit, of setting goals and changing your situation. From Doc Martens to Elton John concerts, her story is impactful.” 
Jerrod Murr, Founder of Paradigm Shift.

Speaker Bio:
Melissa speaks to share her story and inspire, motivate, and encourage others to pursue their dream!  Her story has been featured on several well-known podcasts in the personal finance space as well as! Melissa has also inspired audiences through small groups and conferences. She is the author of Building My Yellow Brick Road: Life Lessons from Pursuing a Dream. Melissa and her husband Jack live in Southeastern NC with their two teenage boys. two rescue dogs, Freddy the turtle and the occasional foster dog.