Away I Go

Sunday and Monday, January 23 and 24th, 2022.

I haven’t flown in over two years which is weird. And yet, it’s just like riding a bike arriving at the airport, and going through security. Not much has changed in those two years.
I love uneventful flights. Also, I prefer direct flights as much as possible. I like to sleep on the plane and a stopover usually happens right when I fall asleep!
Years ago, I applied for the TSA PreCheck. If you travel often and do not have this, I HIGHLY recommend it! It makes going through security so much easier!
I also recommend that when you buy your ticket, you double and triple-check to make sure your TSA PreCheck number is on your boarding pass. I did not do this and so going through security at my home airport required that I go through the regular security line.
It was still quick but the hassle of removing shoes, my laptop, etc… oy.

People watching is my favorite airport past time AND the NFL game was on the TV at the bar so the “hurry up and wait” time for being two hours early for my flight passed rather quickly. I always try to get a window seat (so I can use the wall of the plane to sleep) above the wing, when I fly and then just hope and pray I have someone nice sitting next to me.

Such was the case on my flight to DFW. I settled into my seat, turned on my downloaded podcast, and away we went. It was sunset when we arrived at DFW and it’s so pretty to see a sunset from the plane. I’d never been to DFW before and this airport is HUGE! We landed a half-hour early but it seemingly took “forever” to taxi down the runway.

Sunset from the plane window!

My friend Melissa lives in Dallas so she was my “Uber driver” for airport pickup. We had previously planned to meet up with our other friend, Miriam, for dinner. We met up at the Rodeo Goat where the menu was through QR code ( that was new to me ) and the hamburger I ordered was delicious! The “Nanny Goat” was herb goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and garlic-herb mayo. Of course, I had french fries too!
The company and conversation were a great way to start off my trip!

Melissa, Miriam, and Me!

Melissa had offered to host me at her house for the evening and so after we “closed” the restaurant (haha – the staff were literally putting chairs on the table when we left) we took a quick selfie outside and headed off. Melissa rescued two retired racing greyhounds several months ago and I was excited to meet them! They are super sweet doggies! I am a “dog person” and so did not mind at all staying in a home with dogs. I only hate that I didn’t get a picture with them! Thanks to Melissa for contributing a photo!

Bueno and Rapido, my new doggy friends!

Did you know that you can request early check-in at a hotel? Of course, they always say they can’t “guarantee” it but I’ve always had a room ready whenever I’ve requested. Melissa dropped me off on her way to work and I was checking in at 10:30 am. I always stay at a hotel as close to the concert venue as fits in the budget. Most of the time when I travel, I do not rent a car so I don’t mind paying a little extra for a hotel given that I’ll need to walk everywhere. In this case, I chose the Hyatt House* which was conveniently located to the American Airlines Arena, a CVS, and the local grocery store, Tom Thumb.
After I dropped my bags in my room, I headed out to Tom Thumb. I only needed a few groceries for my three-day stay – my hotel room had a small kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, etc. (another thing I look for when researching hotels). The challenge for me is remembering that whatever I buy, I have to carry back to the hotel so I really need to keep the weight and amount to a bare minimum. Also, here’s a tip for walking with grocery bags, ask the cashier to double bag. In retrospect, what I should have done is emptied my backpack in the hotel room and used that to carry groceries back to the hotel. Would have been MUCH easier than carrying grocery bags!

I like to unpack and get my room set up as soon as possible and I did that upon my return to the grocery store. Once I was settled in, I had lunch and spent the rest of the day working/resting. The travel day, plus late-night, plus time change and early morning (because, you know, my brain cannot adjust to the fact that I DO NOT need to be up early) meant I was quite tired and I knew that I was going to need some rest for the next two days!


*Hyatt House: I wouldn’t necessarily HIGHLY recommend this hotel. I had issues with WiFi in the room and I had 3 different phone calls with IT and it still wasn’t fixed. Also, the hotel is older and there are NO USB ports in the hotel room. It’s budget-friendly, I felt safe there, the staff is nice, and it’s conveniently located but I need to be able to access secure Wi-Fi when I travel, and not having USB ports in the hotel room was an inconvenience.